Fanuc Beta Servo Amplifiers - New, Exchange & Repairs

Supplying Fanuc Beta Servo Amplifier Series A06B-6093-Hxxx 
Comprehensive New, Repaired and Exchange Stock, Same Day Delivery on stock Fanuc Beta Servo Amplifiers.

Fanuc Beta Servo Unit integrates a power supply with the power switching circuitry. Therefore, GE Fanuc is able to provide a compact amplifier that is 60% smaller than the conventional models. The Fanuc amplifier is designed to conform to national standard (North American UL), as well as international standards. We have a large stock 85% listed above in stock for service exchange or outright sale.

Fanuc Beta Servo amplifier is able to communicate with a wide variety of controllers via Fiber Optics interface to all i-series controls, I/O Link for auxiliary axis commands using PMC ladder, and PWM for use with older GE Fanuc CNCs or Fanuc PLC DSM modules.

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