Fanuc Testing performed using FANUC CNCsFanuc Testing performed using FANUC CNCs Phone +44 (0) 1422 310259

Fanuc Testing Facilities

Note we only offer Fanuc Testing with fault details. Fanuc testing is offered as a bolt-on service to our Fanuc Repair Service

Fanuc CNC Control Rigs

Fanuc 0-TD
Fanuc 0T-C
Fanuc 0T-F
GE Fanuc 0M-C (32-bit)
Fanuc 0M-C (16-bit)
Fanuc 0T-A
Fanuc 0M-B
Fanuc Mate
Fanuc 0i-TC
Fanuc 0i-MD
Fanuc 15i-MB
Fanuc 15-TF
Fanuc 6M-B
GE Fanuc 6T-A
Fanuc 10-TF
Fanuc 10 Digtal
Fanuc 11-MA
Fanuc 16-MB
Fanuc 16I-TA
Fanuc 18-TA
Fanuc 18-P
Fanuc 18I-MB
Fanuc 18-TB
Fanuc 21I-MA
Fanuc 21-MB
Fanuc 21I-TA
Fanuc 180I-MA
Fanuc 31I

Fanuc Drive and Power Supply Rigs

Fanuc Alpha Power Supply
Fanuc DC Axis Velocity Control Amp
Fanuc DC Axis M Series ( Yellow Cap )
Fanuc AC Analogue Axis Drives
Fanuc AC Spindle Servo Unit test rigs
Fanuc AC Spindle S Series Spindle test rig
Fanuc AC Spindle P Series Spindle test rig
Fanuc AC Spindle I Series Spindle test rigs
Fanuc AC Digital Servo Test Rigs
Fanuc AC Servo Amplifier S series
Fanuc AC Servo Amplifier C series
Fanuc Serial Spindle Servo Unit test rigs
Fanuc E series Fanuc Simulator
Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Module Testing
Fanuc Alpha Spindle Power Module
Fanuc Alpha Servo Amplifier FSSB
Fanuc Alpha Type B Servo test rigs
Fanuc Alpha HV Spindle Module test rigs
Fanuc Alpha HV Power Supply Test rigs
Fanuc Alpha HV Servo amplifier test rig
Fanuc Alpha I Power Module testing
Fanuc Alpha I Spindle Module testing
Fanuc Alpha I Series Servo Amp testing
GE Fanuc High Voltage Simulator
Fanuc Beta Servo testing
Fanuc Beta i Servo Test rig
Fanuc Alpha I HRV test rig



A06B6096H201 A06B6096H202 A06B6096H203 A06B6096H206 A06B6096H205 A06B6096H208 A06B6096H207 Fanuc Service Exchange Fanuc Alpha Drive Fanuc CRT Fanuc Alpha Spindle