A16B-2201-0320 | A16B220103200



Part Number: A16B-2201-0320
Description: Fanuc MAIN-B CPU Board
Product Series: Fanuc Control Boards

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Warranty: 3 Months
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A16B-2201-0320 Suppplied without SMD cards Fanuc MAIN-B CPU Board, Standard version, This unit is not supplied with SMD boards but we have a large stock of various SMD modules.

Confriguation of MAIN-B (Standard)
NO 1. (FILE) SRAM MODULE - Part Program Storage used for RAM for Parameters, eg. A20B-2900-0682
NO 2. (AXIS2) SERVO CONTROL MODULE - 3rd and 4th Axis servo control, eg. A20B-2901-0340
NO 3. (AXIS1) SERVO CONTROL MODULE - 1st and 2nd Axis servo control, eg. A20B-2901-0340
NO 4. (SIF2) SERVO INTERFACE MODULE - 3rd and 4th Amplifier, Pulse coder interface, eg. A20B-2901-0360
NO 5. (SIF1) SERVO INTERFACE MODULE - 1st and 2nd Amplifier, Pulse coder interface, eg. A20B-2901-0360
NO 6. (DRAM) DRAM MODULE - RAM for CNC System, eg. A20B-2900-0800
NO 7. (FROM) FLASH ROM MODULE - FLASH EPROM for CNC system, eg. A20B-2900-0811
NO 8. (SPDL) SPINDLE CONTROL MODULE - System clear, Battery backup control, Spindle Control, HDI Interface
NO 9. (PERI) PERIPHERAL MODULE - MDI, MPG, RS232 etc, System time, System clock, Calendar Clock
NO 10. (CRTC) CRT CONTROL MODULE - CRT Display control,eg. A20B-2900-0660

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