Fanuc Alpha Spindle Amplifier - New, Exchange & Repairs

Supplying Fanuc Alpha Spindle Amplifiers Series A06B / SPMC / HV / SPM / Digital Series.
Comprehensive New, Repaired and Exchange Stock, Same Day Delivery on stock Fanuc Spindle Amplifier Modules. main two services we offer are below. but also have new, used and surplus stocks.

1, Standard Exchange Service - Exchange your faulty Spindle module for an off the shelf serviced and repaired unit with no downtime terms apply. Largest service exchange stock in Europe, try us for a free quote.

2, Repair Service - Knowledge, Expertise and fully tested in Fanuc CNC control systems With matching motors to simulate “real world” operating environments and under load with soak test.

Fanuc Alpha Spindle Drive units above are in stock or we can offer 24 Hour repair service and fully test them. types include C Series SPM, SPMC, SPMi & High Voltage amplifiers type H1 to H4 interface.

Fanuc Alpha Spindle Amplifier Versions #H500, #H501, #H508, #H510, #H511, #H512, #H520, #H550 & #H553

The GE Fanuc spindle amplifier features the latest technologies in Integrated Power Modules (IPM) technology and microprocessors. They are packaged in compact power supply and amplifier modules. Advanced vector control and high level digital control techniques provide orientation, synchronized operation, spindle contouring, and rigid tapping capability. The high performance digital Fanuc AC Spindle Drives are available in a broad range of sizes for use with GE Fanuc CNCs and Power Mate motion control systems. Setup with parameters like Fanuc digital servo drives all parameters are entered and stored in the Fanuc CNC. Also see Alarms Page.

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