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GE Fanuc uses industry standards, such as Ethernet TCP/IP for the Series 90-30 family. The Ethernet interface allows you to attach the Series 90-30 PLC directly to an Ethernet LAN and upload or download Ladder Logic. In addition, data can be transferred between PLCs and PCs simultaneously. Access can also be handled over the Internet. The Series 90-30 is suited for applications requiring as little as 32 I/O or as much as 4,000 I/O. Remote I/O is handled easily using industry standards like Genius Bus, World FIP, Profibus-DP , Interbus-S, LonWorks, DeviceNet, or SDS. To ensure that the Series 90-30 PLC provides a full range of application solutions, GE-Fanuc works closely with third-party manufacturers of peripherals, modules, and software packages to provide complex automation solutions. Application tools are available for redundancy, Sequence of Event Recording, injection molding, chemical delivery, and much more. GE Fanuc also offers a full line of Operator Interfaces, Human Machine Interfaces, Motion Control products, and various integration services. In addition, the Series 90-30 integrates easily with Fuji Variable Frequency Drives, Fanuc Motor Control Centers, and other automation products.

The Series 90-70 family of controllers is designed to meet the most complex applications, such as advanced batch processing, triple modular redundancy, high speed processing, and applications requiring large amounts of I/O and memory. All Fanuc 90-70 PLCs are Intel-based processors and employ the VME bus standard. This allows a wide variety of VME boards, from approximately 300 manufacturers, to easily integrate into the Series 90-70 backplane. The Series 90-70 also offers a wide range of hot standby and triple modular redundancy options.

GE Fanuc Field Control I/O The Open Architecture Solution to Distributed I/O and Control, Field Control I/O offers distributed I/O and control in a single, low cost, modular product. Field Control's design produces significant increases in speed while freeing up panel space and cutting panel wiring by almost 50 percent. Each station of a Field Control network can act as a stand-alone controller. The Terminal Block I/O system can accept field wiring and condition the signals for inputs or outputs from the control system Supports the Genius bus and a variety of other fieldbusses including DeviceNet, Interbus-S and Profibus-DP and others Bus Interface Units (BIUs) can be removed and replaced without removing the wiring or reconfiguring the I/O station.

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