Fanuc Ltd PLC Modules A03B - New & Exchange

Supplying Fanuc PLC Modules Series A03B / A03B-0801-Cxxx / A03B-0819-Cxxx
Comprehensive New, Repaired and Exchange Stock, Same Day Delivery on stock Fanuc A03B Modules. main two services we offer are below. but also have new, used and surplus stocks.

1, Standard Exchange Service - Exchange your faulty I/O module for an off the shelf serviced and repaired unit with no downtime terms apply. Largest service exchange stock in Europe, try us, free quotes.

2, Repair Service - Knowledge, Expertise and fully tested in Fanuc CNC control systems to simulate “real world” operating environments and under load with soak test.

Fanuc PLC Types A03B-0801-Cxxx were used on system 10,11,12 and 15A Controls both AC solid state technology and nonpolarized DC outputs plus AC output modules all rack mounted remote I/O with separate Fanuc power supply type A16B-1310-0010-01. Later newer smaller yellow I/O Modules were A03B-0807-Cxxx also A03B-0819-Cxxx Known as Model A Units, The Fanuc I/O link devices conected via the network with PMC including operater pannels, robots, CNCs, and I/O units type A and B lastly Motor V Control. We have a large stock of Fanuc I/O Modules over 90% listed above in stock for service exchange or outright sale.

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