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Supplying Fanuc Amplifier Series A06B / AC / DC / Alpha / Beta / C / S Series.
Comprehensive New, Repaired and Exchange Stock, Same Day Delivery on stock Fanuc Servo Amplifiers.

The GE Fanuc Beta Series Servo systems offer the highest reliability and performance. The latest technologies, such as high-speed Fanuc serial encoders and high-efficiency Integrated Power Modules, further enhance the performance of the servo system. 

The Fanuc servo Amplifier system's control loops - current, velocity and position - are closed in the controller. This approach reduces setup time and delivers significant throughput even in the most challenging applications. Some features of the Fanuc servo drives are The drives are less costly to integrate and maintain, The servos have a broad application range including a wide-load inertia range, flexible acceleration/deceleration and position feedback configurations.

The Fanuc high performance Alpha AC Servo modules are available in a range of sizes for use with GE Fanuc CNCs, Power Mates and Series 90/30 PLC based controllers.

The Fanuc serial AC Spindle Amplifier, proven on hundreds of thousands of machines installed worldwide, offer the highest reliability and performance. They were specifically developed for machine tool applications. Alarms Page.

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