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We can offer FREE technical phone support or send an email on the above link or use the enquiry form on the right.

Our trained engineers that can help with FANUC ALPHA DRIVES, Faults on CNC CONTROLS, Alarms on SERVO DRIVE AMPLIFIERS and FANUC POWER SUPPLIES Faults and offer emergency parts shipments to help get you back up and running fast.

Backed up by our UK in-house repair and testing department to help with the harder faults were you might need to send a part for testing to help diagnose the fault. Note we don't offer Fanuc support for GE Fanuc PLCs.

Please provide as many details as possible on the faults you have such as Fanuc alarm codes from the CNC control and any alarms on drives if related.

GE Fanuc Automation is the leading supplier of computer numerical controls and related products to the machine tool industry with a well-known reputation for reliability and high-performance products. More machine tool builders and end users trust their products to FANUC controls because of our long history of performance and outstanding reliability. From multi-axis, high-precision machines to a transfer line - GE Fanuc CNCs solution systems combines exceptionally reliable hardware, software, and services that will ensure your productivity is continuously improving.

GE Fanuc CNC Controls enhance the machine's productivity with a new level of easy-to-access information and programming tools. Our CNC Systems are available for a wide-range of applications such as; grinding, drilling, cutting, milling, punching, turning, woodworking and many more.

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