Fanuc Servo Drives & Fanuc Drive Repair

Supplying Fanuc Servo Drives Series A06B / DC / AC / C / S / Analog / Digital Series.
Comprehensive New, Repaired and Exchange Stock, Same Day Delivery on stock. main two services we offer are below. but also have new, used and surplus.

1, Standard Exchange Service - Exchange your faulty Servo drive for an off the shelf serviced and repaired unit with no downtime terms apply.

2, UK Repair Service - Knowledge, Expertise and fully tested in Fanuc CNC controls With matching motors to simulate “real world” operating environments and under load.

Fanuc Servo Drives are available in a range of sizes for use with GE Fanuc CNCs and Power Mates. Early DC servos 6035 and 6047 to digital Fanuc AC servo amplifier series type 6058. We have a large stock of Fanuc AC and Fanuc DC servo drives 90% listed above in stock for service exchange

With several million Fanuc drives installed worldwide, GE Fanuc AC servo systems provide maximum machine productivity by delivering a mean-time-between failure that exceeds 10 years. All control loops are closed in the controller, minimizing the complexity and component count in the drives, maximizing reliability. Closing the control loops in the controller also provides comprehensive, real-time information on every aspect of the machine and drive system dynamics, enabling superior performance of the advanced algorithms, particularly those used in high-speed machining. Similarly, the advanced digital signal processors in the controller allows high speed processing of current and position feedback resulting in a smoother surface finish and higher accuracy parts.

Today we support all Fanuc servo drive modules on this page.

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